Our Foodie Team

Garry Zafrani, Founder

Founder, Garry Zafrani

I’m a New Yorker – born and raised. My Dad owned a small film & photo store in Times Square, New York in the ‘60s. I began helping NYC visitors make the most of their visit at age 9.During my teenage years, growing up in Brooklyn, my first jobs were on the Lower East Side NY (near China town) where I learned about New York’s ethnic food, and that love of diverse cooking styles and tastes continues today.As an adult, I have worked in a number of New York City hotels for 15 years helping tourists plan their sightseeing tours of New York, and now I accompany them on these tours as a guide and their friend in New York and share the joy of discovering the best NYC restaurants and the hidden gems of NY that the city has to offer.

Alex Drywa, Vice President

Vice President, Alex Drywa

Being a third generation New Yorker, you would think Alex knows everything he needs to know NYC.WRONG! After traveling and living abroad in Europe and Australia for 4 years, he came back to NY on a mission to learn everything about NYC’s history he always took for granted. He had so much fun teaching visiting friends from Australia around New York, that he decided to become a licensed guide to share his knowledge with to a broader audience on the best walking tour of New York. ​ Within minutes you will feel like you have known Alex forever, that’s how comfortable he makes people who take walking food tours with him. He loves finding the best craft beer bars in New York. So whether you need a great NYC bar or fabulous Manhattan restaurant, this is the guy to ask.

Nancy Paris

Tour guide, Nancy Paris

Nancy had been happily acting as a tour guide to friends and family visiting around New York and Broadway for years before following her sister´s advice to actually “go pro” and become a licensed NYC tour guide. She enjoys the personal interaction of a NYC walking tour with a small group, and especially loves sharing the stories behind the story of the New York landmarks and attractions on her walking tours of Manhattan.Nancy is also a professional dancer and choreographer, and will pirouette down Broadway in Manhattan for you if you ask nicely. If your focus is dance be sure to request Nancy by name as your tour guide.

Erin O'Brien, Manager

Manger, Erin O'Brien

Erin is the heart and soul of Manhattan Walking Tour. Her dedication keeps us going in the right direction, her dedication to detail ensures that all tours are on time and smooth running. Personally, Erin enjoys the outdoors and spending time with her family. No matter how good we are as tour guides without Erin nothing works.

Annabel Alafriz, Tour Guide

Tour guide, Annabel Alafriz

Don’t let her tiny demure fool you. She is a giant ball of energy with an even bigger wealth of knowledge. Annabel often thinks of what Alice might observe, had Lewis Carroll brought her adventures into NYC’s Engineered Wonderland. Engaging fellow-travelers in a joyful exploration of the city’s surprises, her conversations touch on myriad discoveries, overlooked milestones, unsung pioneers, all the while pointing out NYC’s best, often hidden, culinary delights. She still is pursuing her lifelong interest in mapping information and visualizing data; and remains involved in creative projects on educational game design.

Todd Stone, Tour Guide

Tour Guide, Todd Stone

Todd would eavesdrop on tourists so he could recommend places for them to go. He also can’t help from offering to take photos of people visiting New York. One day, an insightful friend told him to stop eavesdropping on tourists and start talking to them about his beloved native city! So that’s what he did. When Todd isn’t giving his guests hello hugs or pointing out his favorite buildings, he writes stories mostly about New York-based startups, stores and people. He also knows a lot about New York’s comedy scene and he talks a bunch about his identical twin brother!



First and foremost, at Manhattan Food Tours, we are New Yorkers and we love New York City. Our guided food tours of NYC are like having a friend in New York showing you around their neighborhood and making sure to give you and your guests the most delicious food experience available in the Big Apple.